Friday, 9 November 2012

Tiles (III)

Perhaps one of the last in Brasília from Athos Bulcão, these beautifull tile set is at the Interlegis Building, since 2001.

Tiles from Athos Bulcão. Photo: Roberta Sá

Other pictures here.

Monday, 5 November 2012


This beautiful scupture, by Bruno Giorgi, called "The Warriors" but most comonly refered to as "Os Candangos" (word also used as a reference to those who are from Brasília) represents more than 80 thousand workers who came to build the city. It has been concluded in 1959, and restored in 1987.

The Warriors. Photo: Roberta Sá

Monday, 29 October 2012

Metropolitan Cathedral: Stained Glass

Have I mentioned that the Cathedral is my favourite building here? Well, it is. Not because of the religious side of it, but because of the building itself.

It is unique; different from any building I’ve seen. A church with this wide-open space, without columns, and so bright inside is not usual. I could feel some of the same atmosphere inside the Lotus Temple, in Delhi.

When I started this blog years ago I was really disappointed. The Cathedral was literally abandoned, its stained glass all broken down, as you can notice inthis post.

Fortunately our Cathedral is under restoration since 2009, and the stained glass, created by Marianne Peretti in 1990, had been renewed, using special techniques, high technology and alpinists (!).

Cathedral Stained Glass. Photo: Roberta Sá

Luckily enough, I can see the Cathedral from my office window everyday and it seems that the restoration process is nearly at the end.